Blue Shield are specialists in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of fire sprinklers, including wet, alternate, dry pipe and pre-action sprinkler systems

Blue Shield Fire Protection is a leading installer of fire protection systems in the UK, fitting and maintaining systems for many of the major national and international retail brands, including the Body Shop, Tesco, Boots, Next and New Look.

It is a requirement that all commercial fire sprinkler systems are installed by fully qualified and accredited engineers; both from a legal perspective and to satisfy the conditions of insurance companies. All of our installation and maintenance engineers hold all the necessary professional accreditation and more – for a list of our association memberships, certification and insurance cover please see our company profile page.

As a specialist in commercial and industrial fire protection, all of our sprinkler and detection systems are designed and built to a heavy-duty, durable and extremely reliable standard. Powder coated sprinkler systems offer a tough, low-maintenance finish which can be themed to fit unobtrusively into practically any commercial environment.

In addition to sprinklers we also offer a full array of fire safety systems to protect your premises, from dry and wet risers, fire alarms and hose reels. Not only will we install the systems with minimum disruption and fuss, we will also provide you and your staff members with the proper training for their use.

We have significant experience of working on a multitude of different commercial sites, plus hospitals, offices, hotels, factories, municipal buildings and more. Should you require any testimonials from any of our previous customers we would be only too happy to put you in touch.

benefits of fire sprinklers

If you own or operate a commercial building, then the safety of the property and its occupants is of paramount importance. When you consider that there are over 100 commercial building fires in the UK every day, getting appropriate fire protection systems in place before the worst happens is an essential.

There are various methods of protecting a building from fire, with the most common being a combination of fire extinguishers and smoke alarms. So what are some of the advantages of installing a fire sprinkler system?

Stop Fires Before they Damage the Property

Don’t Wait for the Fire Brigade

Best Protection Available

Insurance Savings


Individual Sprinkler Activation


our fire sprinkler systems

Below are some of the different types of fire sprinkler system which we are pleased to offer our customers. We are specialists in the design, installation, and also the service and maintenance of various fire protection systems, and are happy to advise you on the system best designed to suit your needs.

Wet Sprinkler System

These systems are installed in premises where there is no possibility of pipes freezing. The system pipework is charged with water under pressure at all times. When a sprinkler head is activated by the heat from a fire, water flows immediately onto the seat of the fire.

Alternate Sprinkler Systems

This type of sprinkler system is used in buildings where there is a chance of freezing during the winter months. The systems have pipes full of water during the summer and when the weather starts getting colder, they are drained down and filled with air under pressure for the winter. When there is a fire whilst the system is on air, the air pressure in the system drops on operation of a sprinkler head and water is then discharged from the system onto the fire.

Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems

Dry pipe systems are installed in premises where there is a possibility of water in the pipes freezing. Dry systems are charged with compressed air or another inert gas i.e. nitrogen. When a fire sprinkler head is activated by the heat from a fire, the air pressure drops and the valve opens, allowing water to fill the pipes and discharge from the sprinklers onto the seat of the fire.

Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems

Pre-action systems are commonly installed in areas where the accidental discharge of water may be problematic i.e. when a sprinkler head is accidentally damaged.
They are installed in areas such as data processing facilities, document storage or cold storage warehouses. The system can only be activated by a combination of events i.e. operation of a smoke/heat detection system AND the operation of a sprinkler in a fire condition. The pipes are normally filled with compressed air and water is only allowed to fill the pipes when the smoke/heat detection system is activated. This ensures that accidental discharge will not occur. There are several modes of operation and these can be set up in the sophisticated system control panel to suit the client’s exact requirements.

Looking for a fire protection system?
Whether you're interested in the design and installation of a new fire protection system, or in the service and maintenance of an existing fire protection solution, we can help. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, and we shall be happy to provide you with the best possible service at all times, and with the fire protection solutions to meet your business needs.

fire sprinkler servicing & maintenance

To ensure that the system operates as designed, it must be maintained in accordance with the requirements of the system design rules used. These rules specify the maintenance intervals for the system and its components. The most important thing is to employ a 3rd party accredited sprinkler installer to carry out regular maintenance. Blue Shield Fire Protection Ltd are expert in the service and maintenance of all types of fire sprinkler systems

We have worked in a multitude of sectors and industries, supplying fire protection systems to many of the biggest names on the UK high street, plus numerous government and manufacturing organisations.

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